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  • The Innovators Salon is a community of like-minded business consultants who are using business as a force for good.

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    6th Innovators Salon @ 


    It’s time for another Innovators Salon and we are excited to announce that the next salon is just around the corner! This time we are discussing about Culture for Conscious Innovation in an 'Open Space' format. 

    The sixth Innovator Salon will take place on  23rd May 2017 at 18.00, at our brand new Mandalah office, Straßburger Straße 55, Berlin. 

    We're looking forward to an inspiring time together!

Register here on Eventbrite if you already have a password. In case you don't, sign up to our mailing list by contacting us at innovators@mandalah.com.

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  • 5th Innovators Salon @


    IXDS introduced some of their New Work projects and shared how they live a new working culture within their company.

    Participants prototyped the Future of Work.

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  • 4th Innovators Salon @


    The theme was about Transformative Purpose - how do you create a purpose inside classical companies that empowers the employees and the organization, as well as discussing everyone's Personal Purpose

    Thomas Schindler, Founder and CEO from delodi, shared some of his thoughts on the Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP).


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  • 3rd Innovators Salon @ 


    'Open Space' format, where participants were invited to bring in topics or questions that they'd like to discuss.

    Fjord gave a keynote about their own service design projects and used methods.

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  • 2nd Innovators Salon @ 


    The aim was to come up with a statement that reflects our shared understanding, purpose and direction.

    In form of a Vision for the future we gathered our aspirations, intentions and dreams. We wanted to prioritize steps along the way (our mission) and hoped to come up with analogies that make our ambitions, self-understanding and eventually our work graspable for others.

    See more about the Vision, Mission and Analogies.

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  • 1st Innovators Salon @ 


    On August 26th 2014, Mandalah Berlin held the first Innovators Salon: a discussion forum for innovation consultants working at the intersection of purpose and profit.

    It was a rountable discussion on how to raise awareness for the overarching topic of Conscious Innovation that drives all our mandates.

Would you like to be part of our Innovators Community? 

Contact us at


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  • About Mandalah

    Since 2006, Mandalah has been helping organisations all over the world to innovate through their products, services and strategies, focusing not only on ensuring their profitability, but also ensuring that their business activities incorporate a human element, promoting good things for society as a whole.

    We believe in shared value, where everyone stands to gain: businesses, people and the planet.